Missy recaps Day One…

The first day of our Family Media Detox found us unusually busy.  I spent the morning and early afternoon with our oldest daughter Krystal while two of the kids who still live at home—Jamie and Hannah—went to Krystal’s house to babysit her son (my sweet grandson!) Asher.  Meanwhile, back at Stately Bennett Manor, my Buddy took the remaining five home-kids to run a church errand, grab some lunch, and pick up a few groceries.

We all met back at home in the early afternoon and spent a few hours playing (the kids) and working (Sweet Jimmy B and me).  We both had praise team practice this evening and ran into one of the little complications with our media-free month:  It’s going to be a bit of an inconvenience to babysitters that we don’t have a TV!  Fortunately, we have one of the all-time great babysitters, and she rose to the occasion by doing the girls’ nails while the boys went out to play.

The kids had wanted to play charades tonight for our family activity, but by the time we got done at praise team practice, made dinner, and ate, there just wasn’t time.  So…the kids settled for having Shepherd of the Hills read to them while they did their after-dinner chores.

It felt like a pretty long, busy day, and the kids must have thought so too, because some of them were so ready to go to sleep that they didn’t even bother getting into their beds to do it!

Here’s to day one of Family Media Detox!



One response to “Missy recaps Day One…

  1. I knew when you got to Grace, she’d have something to say about her iPod. Also, I love your hip-hop-handshake sign off!

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