Day Five: Family Media Detox!

Jim’s update:

Ah, Sunday!  We love us some Lord’s Day around here.  As Missy and I discuss in today’s video, we had an especially uplifting church service.  I preached on one of my favorite topics:   The blood of Christ and how the whole of scripture, from  Genesis to Revelation, points to the Cross.  In fact, the praise team offered a special arrangement of “At the Cross” for the offertory, and it was a big ol’ blessing to me.

Sunday afternoons are usually devoted to naps for Missy and me, and I’ve developed a habit of watching Westerns on TV until sleep overtakes me.  This particular Sunday afternoon, however, we showed our RV camper to a prospective buyer (Pray, please!).  We had asked Grace and Jamie to keep the five younger children quiet, occupied, and indoors so they wouldn’t interfere with any of my shrewd wheelin’ and dealin’; normally that would have entailed tuning in the Hollywood dreck that passes for entertainment and allowing the kids to be lulled into a semi-catatonic state by it.  Instead, the older children read to and played with the younger ones.  We didn’t hear a peep from anyone.  What an exciting change!

The only time I find I’m really missing television or recreational computer use is when I’m in battling my chronic nemesis:  Insomnia.  The internet was always a faithful companion during those sleepless hours.  Apart from that, however, I think I’m growing quite fond of this new arrangement.

Peep the vid.  Special effects, baby!


2 responses to “Day Five: Family Media Detox!

  1. First of all, I don’t remember doing that with the fake money, but it looks like fun! Also, Daniel didn’t look too thrilled to be singing that song.

    • We so TOTALLY did this before we went to the Dells when Grace was a baby! It’s where we began the catch-phrase “Boo…scary!” in reference to the Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum. Just picture the dining room of 218 North G. We didn’t have fancy pictures posted or anything, but we SO did this!

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