Day 9: Family Media Detox

Jim’s update:

We have been receiving some very encouraging comments, which we greatly appreciate.

You all are hilarious! Love it! You have my support
from Atlanta, Georgia! – Jenny

I am loving your media detox. I’ve found it interesting
that users of texting and facebook claim “oh, but you
are able to stay connected to so many people” while
they are disconnecting from real face-to-face (or
voice-to-voice) conversations! -Sherri

Wow! What an undertaking! As if home-schooling
wasn’t enough! I was home-schooled and raised
without a TV and video games, therefore, I’m not at all
surprised by your findings. I raised my children with
limited exposure…no more than 2 hours of “screen
time” per day. – Lorrie

Missy, Jim and family, I love what you are doing. I
look forward to each and see what your doing. God
Bless you all. – Pat

Keep watching, reading, and writing! And let us know if you decide to take the challenge!



One response to “Day 9: Family Media Detox

  1. Hello from Winnebago MN! 🙂 I love watching you guys do this challenge! I wish we knew eachother better, and prayerfully i’ll get to meet you guys again one day! My family could probably use something like this! lol It sounds like you guys are becoming a closer knit family since you ditched the media! Congrats to you all! God bless, and take care! 🙂

    Love your sister in Christ,

    Rachel Moller

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