Day 10: Family Media Detox

Missy’s update:

Day 10

Yesterday, we received some pretty big news! We hinted on our Day 9 blog video that we hoped to have an announcement on today’s video…and guess what! We do! Check it and see!

This afternoon, while the kids were playing outside (funny how I just can’t seem to keep them in the house anymore!), I had the opportunity to spend some time really meditating upon what God is doing in our family—and in the lives of the individuals who make it up. The children are deepening their relationships with one another…there is even more talk and laughter in the house…kids who claimed to hate to read are reading voraciously! But most importantly, we are joining with our children as we seek to be obedient in what we put before our eyes and in how we steward our time.

Progressive sanctification is such a funny thing. As we walk with the Lord, He is always ready to show us how He wants us to look more like Christ. And just as soon as we realize how wrong we have been about something and commit to following Him in obedience, He is ready to show us another place where we need to put our spiritual house in order.

For us, barring the door to the daily influx of media into our home is just the most recent of the many, many such journeys we have been on with the Lord…but it is a step which has been marked by immediate, visible blessings. Glory to God!


2 responses to “Day 10: Family Media Detox

  1. You guys are just too great! I am so inspired…wish I could hear your radio program this week! I love you bunches!

    • Hey, Peeps! I’m glad to know you’ve been watching us! If you check on-line, you probably have a K-LOVE station in your area…they’re everywhere. They do their news at 40 minutes after each hour, and they do stories like ours on a rotation 6 or so times a day, so there will be several opportunities to hear it. The current plan is that it will air on Wednesday.

      I love you bunches!

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