Day 12: Family Media Detox

Jim’s update:

Missy mentioned on a recent video how parenting has changed for her without television’s anesthetizing influence over the children and the distractions provided by other electronic amusements in our home.   I affirm her assessment.

While the attitudes of the children are drastically improving – and we delight in that – we acknowledge that we, by necessity, are becoming more attentive, engaged parents. And that often means we are finding ourselves saying things that we wouldn’t normally say. For example…


Harvest is well underway here in Rozetta and this morning we witnessed God’s protection over a beloved family friend.  It was a close call, but we thank the Lord for his defense of this dear one.

“He keepeth the paths of judgment, and preserveth the way of his saints.”                                                                                – Proverbs 2:8


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