Day 14: Family Media Detox

Missy’s Update:

Wow!  Today is a very big day at Stately Bennett Manor…not because it marks the halfway point of the month of September, but because today our story was shared with the listening audiences of K-LOVE and AIR-1 Radio!  So for those of you joining us today for the first time:  Come on in!  Make yourselves comfortable!  Do be sure to catch up on some of the previous videos…meet the family!  Can I make you a snack?

And to the friends who have been following us all month, you know we’re glad to see you again today!  You know where the coffee pot is…top me off while you’re in the kitchen, wouldja?

September 14th, however, does also mark two weeks of no TV, no movies, no video games, no mp3 players, and no social networking.  Would you like some complete honesty?  I had really feared that by this point, everyone would be excited to start counting down the days until September was over.  Back in the olden days (the 90’s), I taught high school English (and lived to tell about it).  One text I used mentioned a study that was done on families who committed to give up television for a month—and who were offered a cash prize if they could make it all the way.  Almost none of them stuck it out through the whole month.

Almost without exception, the families in the study noted a number of great things about life without TV, but they didn’t consider those positive changes important enough to give up the television.

What I’m seeing and experiencing is the complete opposite.

Now, I want to make it absolutely clear that I love movies!  And good old-fashioned scrolling video games!  Playing around on the internet!  All that stuff!  We’re a household FULL of media-lovers, so this month-long journey wasn’t a no-brainer, piece-of-cake proposition for us!

But what I’m feeling in my own heart—and what I’m seeing in the lives of my children—is a strong desire to grab hold of this wonderful new way of life and nurture it.  I’m not counting down the days until October!  I’m far too busy counting all the ways that this unplugged way of life is blessing our family!  (And I don’t even have a researcher standing by to write me a big ol’ check if I make it through September!)

P.S. – If you visit the K-Love News Site, you can also hear a podcast featuring the extended interview George Rath did with us! Look under “You Heard it on K-Love!


One response to “Day 14: Family Media Detox

  1. I’m just saying, if you’d used your noodle before taking him to story time you’d have realized you were making a poor decision! I mean, really?!

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