Day 15: Family Media Detox

Missy’s update:

Day 15!

To celebrate September’s half-way point…a riddle:

What do sock puppets, a lot of new rubberneckers, and a syringe full of pureed cat food have in common?  They were all part of our day at Stately Bennett Manor!

We would like to offer a big blog THANK YOU to George Rath from K-LOVE for the great story he produced about our Family Media Detox.  We had a LOT of new visitors on the blog today…many of whom came to us from the K-LOVE and AIR-1 websites.  What a blessing!

Aside from the excitement of getting to hear our story told on national Christian radio, our day was as run-of-the-mill as it gets to be in a house with 7 kids.  There was church work, a second trip to the vet in as many days, and the kick-off of the Wednesday night children’s program at church.  One thing that doesn’t happen every day:  a serious discussion about selling a TV.  I can honestly say that in all our years of marriage, there are some conversations we have revisited on a number of occasions…but we have never had this one before!  We’re giving it some serious thought.

Today’s video really hits the high points of our day around the ol’ parsonage, but one really nice thing that happened didn’t make it into the video.  A friend of our oldest daughter Krystal had seen our blog on Facebook, and she told Krystal she wished she could be in our family.  For starters, that was just so sweet of her to say…and, hey…the more the merrier!

But in all seriousness, it was so encouraging to hear that our pursuit of obedience to God is something that looks exciting enough from outside of our family that someone would want to know this joy for her own household.  That is our whole motivation.  We want to be able to point people to the Lord and to the richness of a life with Him at its center.

We would love to hear from you and find out how He is working in your family!  While you type that up for us, I’ll be out in the kitchen sucking cat vitamins into a syringe.


3 responses to “Day 15: Family Media Detox

  1. This was hi-larious! I think people really got a good glimpse of just how awesomely funny our family is! Also, watching you force-feed Dilly made me want to barf. Thanks for that. I also think you’ll survive Zumba. Is it going to be videoed? *crosses fingers*

  2. I can only imagine what hilarity lies in your bloopers!

    (Can I buy your TV?)

  3. Yours is the best “must see TV” show of the season!

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