Day 20: Family Media Detox

As we explain in today’s video, Missy and I have decided to “cross the Rubicon” as it were.  I speak for both of us when I say that we feel good about this choice, but we also want to acknowledge that this is a matter of personal, spiritual conviction for us.  We don’t want anyone to interpret this as a legalistic condemnation of those who choose to go a different path.  We’re merely trying to demonstrate that what many seem to believe is impossible or unthinkable is really neither.

And please understand that we aren’t trying to hold ourselves out as paragons of self-denial, for that matter.  We are nothing of the sort…we are simply trying to encourage others who may be led in a similar direction.  And if that is you, our dear rubbernecker, we would love to hear from you!  Be sure to leave us a comment, or send us an email at


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