Day 21: Family Media Detox

I read a warning in the Telegraph to social media users that certainly applied to me when I was still a Facebook aficionado.  I have no idea how many times I announced to the world at large via the Internet that I was on vacation with my family or out of town for the weekend.  It turns out miscreants, ne’er-do-wells, second-story men and all manner of rascals are gleaning a goldmine of helpful information by surveying status updates.  The article gave a rundown of a case in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire in the UK:

Peter Trower, 22, and Joseph McLennan, 18, monitored Facebook accounts waiting for the “perfect opportunity” to rob a home in the town.

Trower, it transpired, knew the victims’ daughter and had been to the three-bedroom house twice before. When he fell out with the family, he hatched a plan for “revenge” and, being a friend of theirs on Facebook, had access to their status updates.

When the family posted they were going away, the pair ransacked the      property and stole computers, jewellery, DVDs and a purse. They were    caught red-handed after being spotted by a neighbour. Both admitted      burglary and will be sentenced later.

Of course, we’ve been blogging on here about our upcoming vacation as well.



6 responses to “Day 21: Family Media Detox

  1. Mercy has certain “Mick Jagger” quality to her dancing. And also, I have no doubt you’d have nothing but good things to say about me, so go ahead! ; )

  2. You have inspired and convicted us. Our family is beginning our Detox starting tomorrow. We are going to modify it so that we allow ourselves to watch OSU football games on Saturdays, we are BIG Buckeye fans! We are looking forward to seeing the exciting things that will happen in our family. God bless you and your family!
    From the great state of OHIO,

  3. Pat McGee Williams

    So enjoy what you have done and doing, I feel closer to God just watching and praying for you. Missy was so surprised at you with the gun. Love the song and had a great laugh.Your family has great teaching lessons for all of us watching. God Bless you. I totally agree about the TV’s.

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