Day 29: Family Media Detox

Couples:  Once you take your own Family Media Detox challenge, you may be amazed by how much more time you suddenly have for meaningful time as husband and wife.  I don’t mean to imply that watching a television program or a movie together is necessarily “wasted time,” but in most cases, there are much more fruitful and substantive ways for the two of you to relate to one another.

Use this newly-liberated spare time to serve, enjoy, and re-discover your spouse.  Virtually every dimension of your marriage can benefit from a radical reduction in entertainment.  As you dial down the Facebook, TV, and video games, dial up the romance, the deep conversations, and loving gestures.

Don’ t be surprised if you find yourself experiencing a marital renaissance!


6 responses to “Day 29: Family Media Detox

  1. True Story: Nick won’t play chess with me any more because I always lose and I threw a plastic chess piece at him in defeat once. It broke. Evidently, I come by it honest?

  2. “Evidently, I come by it honest?”
    The tantrums when you lose, or the constantly losing games to your brilliant husband?
    Both apply, I suppose.

  3. I can’t believe Jim won at Scrabble. The victory dance is not surprising, though. Seriously, great job.

  4. WHAT?! I didn’t know there were outtakes at the end! I always stopped watching during the theme music and Brady Bunch-esque grid of faces. Too bad we aren’t closer–we’d have a rousing Boggle tournament. (Rick refuses to play with me and it’s pointless to play by myself.) –jlb

    • Jodi,
      There are only a few with outtakes at the end (including Day 30). And now that I’m allowing myself one hour of screen time per day of electronic amusement, I can think of no more worthy way to spend it that squaring off against my word game nemesis on a Boggle/Scrabble website. Are you up for that?
      As I recall, I currently hold the title – I remember you recording a very humble and heartfelt concession speech for broadcast on KJLY! You’ve waited long enough for a rematch.


      PS – We were so touched by that beautiful card! I nearly wept!

  5. Thank you for coming in to WDLM this morning.
    It was great to see you and chat with you both.
    I really enjoyed watching your blog video-I learned
    that I could never play scrabble with you guys:)

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