Monthly Archives: October 2010

Moody Radio Interview

Our interview with Deb Gustafson of Moody Radio for the Quad Cities can be heard by clicking here.


Day 30: Family Media Detox

Here it is:  Day 30 of no tv, no movies, no video games, no mp3 players and no social networking.

What surprised us most?  Frankly, it was the lack of excitement exhibited by the children at the prospect of having their iPods, Gameboys, and NindtendoDS’s returned to them.  We were both expecting a level of anticipation akin to that of Christmas morning; we were pleasantly shocked by what actually transpired.

Even Gracie, our 13-year-old, who had been most vocal about missing her digital accoutrements, was not champing at the bit in the least.

Missy and I give thanks to God for all He has provided during this past month; He gets all the glory of any good that has come out of this experiment.